Drilling In Oklahoma promotes a better world!


Prodigy oil and gas company Included New Methods for Drilling in Oklahoma

Top two methods of drilling has been introduced to Prodigy oil and Gas Company 

 Water injection


Water flooding have increased oil production over 55% and some extant further then that and it was invented accidentally in Pennsylvania at the year of 1865 but water flooding become common for drilling in Oklahoma at 1980s.In this method huge amount of water is pushed through a pipe for support the pressure of reservoir which is well-known as void age replacement and to sweep out oil from the hiding part of reserve, and push it towards the wells whole and that’s how the production is stimulated .Nowadays this process is so common that in both sector of offshore and onshore oil producing companies are using it.



Horizontal Drilling


Horizontal wells start their journey as a vertical well, the drilling is continued unless the drill bit reach the targeted point; generally this targeted point is established above few hundred feet of rock unit. On this point the pipe is pulled out from the well and a hydraulic motor which is powered by a flow of drilling mud down the drill pipe is attached between the drill bit and drill pipe, to rotate the drill bit without rotating the entire length of drill pipe between the bit and the surface. This makes the bit to drill a path that deviates from the orientation of the drill pipe.

         Following the installation of motor the bit and pipe are put back down in the well and the bit drills a path that steers the well prick vertical to horizontal over a distance of a few hundred feet until pipe get the perfect angle. After straightening it the drill follows the targeted rock unit. A great careful navigation is needed for keeping the well in a thin rock unit. For determining the orientation of the drilling down, whole instruments are used.  


Horizontal drilling is the most used method for drilling in Oklahoma because of its productive and low planting cost but water flooding haven’t yet proved its achievement but experts believes that water flooding will be a big success same as horizontal drilling. According to shawn barholomae this drilling types are the most important and well serving methods, however the conventional method may have became old and non productive but it was beginner of all new and huge productive drilling methods. 

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